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Party look

Hello my sweethearts!

Today I bring you an elegant and classy outfit, perfect for these special events we are having during these last days of the year.
There's a lot of possible combinations, but undoubtedly sequins are a "must have" on this holidays in all it versions: jackets, dresses, bags, blouses, etc... If there is a moment to wear sequins is now!

This time I chose a total black look, matching a beautiful sequined jacket with a pair of synthetic leather pants. In my opinion, an unusual but trendy combination. To complete the outfit, I'm wearing classic heels, adding a flash of color with this handbag (you can see it in another outfit here)

And that's it! A sexy and chic outfit to rock the party!

On a side note, I want to wish you a very happy New Year.
 Now It's time to start a new beginning: smile more, plan a trip , set our goals and make them happen and finally spend more time with the people we love.

Going back to the outfit, just remind you that no matte…

Casual chic

Hello, my sweeties!
How are you?

Today I bring you a simple and comfy outfit for the Autumn. I love wearing jeans, but this look has become my favorite option for daily style when I have some errands to run.

Casual chic, girls!

What I'm doing in this case is overlaying clothes with different textures. An easy way to keep us warm using basic pieces in our closet.

I read recently about some fashion bloggers that are wearing bare legs during Autumn/Winter... What?! It makes no sense to me!  It's really cold where I live for going out into the street without tights.

So, this is what I'm wearing: black shorts, denim blouse, male sweater and faux fur coat. On my feet, these comfy leather booties. Also, I wore a red bag to add a flash of color.

Enjoy the post!


Over the knee

Hello sweeties! Welcome back to the blog.
 Hope you're doing great.

Today's post is about a simple but trendy outfit for this Autumn/Winter. This year, the new season has a boho-chic style inspired on 70's: faux fur vest, hats, high boots, suede skirts, maxi dresses,...
Using basic clothes in your closet and adding some special touches like the hat or the cape you'll be able to transform your daily style into a trendy look without spending a lot.

After a long time looking for them, I finally found on eBay these beautiful high boots... love them!! I think I will use them a lot this year, for casual and sophisticated looks. They will appear on the blog again for sure!

On this occasion, I'm wearing a classic and simple outfit with skinny jeans, a black pullover and a fringed cape, another must have for this season. Finally, I added this  fedora hat I bought on my recent trip to London...

...and voilà! Enjoy the post!

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Mi viaje a Londres: parte II

¡Hola de nuevo, lindos! ¿Cómo está yendo el día? Espero que estéis genial.
Hoy os voy a seguir contando el viaje que hice a Londres hace unas semanas. En el post anterior os hablé dee los lugares que vimos  los dos primeros días. Si alguien se lo perdió, puede volver a leerlo aquí: Viaje a Londres: parte I

No quiero alargarme mucho, así que voy directamente al resto de mi experiencia en Londres.

Día 3: MUSEOS, BUCKINGHAM, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON EYE Y JACK EL DESTRIPADOR El tercer día nos levantamos temprano, desayunamos rico y decidimos visitar un par de museos por la mañana. Una cosa que me encanta de Londres es que los museos públicos son totalmente gratuitos. Puedes entrar sin colas, hacer fotos y sentarte a disfrutar del museo sin ningún problema. También tienes la opción dar un donativo para ayudar al mantenimiento, pero es voluntario.
Es una muy buena forma de promover la cultura y el arte. Ojalá fuera así en todas partes.
Estuvimos primero en el British Museum. El edificio en sí…